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occupational disease from lifetimes of breathing in coal mine dust
I worked in a coal mine for three score years and all i got to show for it was black lung....
by sam May 02, 2006
23 9
To inject black tar heroin in your balls as your about to ejaculate, and then ejaculate in her lungs.
Adam was close to the edge and shot some heroin in his balls, this bitch is gonna get dosed with some "Black Lung."
by Deezill828 September 20, 2011
5 2
When your lungs are so black from smoking packs a day for many years.

Usually will cause lung cancer, and eventually death.
Jim smoked 3 packs of Newports a day and now he has black lungs and is dying of cancer.
by gbrd December 18, 2007
7 5
A person who is a known smoker. Smokes anything that burns. Hookah, weed, cigarettes, you name it.
Use this word to insult them, by foreshadowing their impending cancer.
Hey blacklung, if you run out of cigarettes, feel free to suck on my exhaust pipe.
by Check Silvur November 14, 2008
0 0
when your lungs are rottin
when your lungs turn black from smokeing
by Heather Rowlen September 08, 2003
5 11
something said by drunken people at a party
after drinkin vodka and wiskey the druken person will collapse in to a state of crying because everyone is gonna die from smoking.

also wen trying to impress some one the phrase "i have a big attitude" should be avoided
by thats a secret June 16, 2003
2 8
when a guy gives it to a girl soooo good, that it makes her go, "*cough cough*" so good, there's no sound.

James! Give her the black lung!! *cough cough*
by julie & brenna November 06, 2007
4 14