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Lenny Kravitz
Festus: Dude, Lenny Kravitz is soo awesome!

Jew boy: Yes, that's because his a black jew. He's got the best of both worlds.

Black boy: Sweet!
by Chloerox104 August 17, 2009
26 20
a mythical creature that is said to rome the streets of L.A.
dude im pretty sure yesterday, i witnessed a real black jew and i tried to take a photograph but it got away just as i was about to snap a picture!
by mythicalcreatures101 June 29, 2009
78 22
One who has to sit in the back of the oven.
Rosa Parkstein, a black jew, defied the laws and sat in the front of the oven.
by Krazyboy911 September 27, 2008
96 45
the term used for something that never has, does, or will exist- Derives from the fact that there are no black Jews
"The chances of Daniel hitting a homerun are worse than a Black Jew"
by Ingredient B May 04, 2009
20 45