A meeting point for aging hippies, drunks, and stupid tourists that happens to be surrounded by a bunch of trees.
I spent a week in the black hills and for some reason I can't remember a damn thing.
by kale mcskiippy December 26, 2005
Top Definition
An area of elevation in western South Dakota that features many geographical points of interest including Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse, and the cities of Sturgis and Deadwood. The Black Hills are known as a sacred area for local native peoples, including the Sioux Indians. The closest town of considerable size is Rapid City. This area is unique due to heavy forestation, Chinook winds and mountain-like landscape, which is not easily found in areas of the North Central region of the Midwestern United States (South & North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, & Missouri).
The Black Hills are the closest thing to a mountain range that the prairie will ever see.
by Tall Rain February 01, 2010
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