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The hammer kept under your bed to be used to assult or seriously harm people of ethnic origin should they attempt to break into your residence.
A group of ghetto gansta's attempt to rob your crib, so you break out the black hammer and have at 'em.
by thelastinline July 19, 2009
A word commonly used to describe a black man's with an exceptionally large penis. Describes in two words what happens when a black man whips out his penis.
When asked why he's called black hammer, "Because when I whip out my penis it hits the floor and makes a thud."
Gamer name: BlackHammer
by SlapDatHoe February 15, 2014
-to be all powerful
-to smash the competition
-to be the best
guy: wow that girl was totally a black hammer
guy: omg i know she about murdered me
by kissykissychulo January 20, 2009
Paladin from WoW hellfire server, super minted dude with best best armor n weapons for his lvl!
blackhammer is the shit
by the-evil February 18, 2008
The black hammer is a large appendage commonly found in between the legs of African African males
"That nigga got a black hammer, that's why we call him the black hammer "
by Kaiser Helmut August 25, 2014