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A hetero sexual female who enjoys company of black men. she is usualy primarily white or of italian or other origin. not black in color but i soul . as apposed to fag hag. where a female hold company with fags..

black hags hang with black males and have fun with them.

she has a black soul.. and white exterior and sense of rythem and ghetto..
Me and my black hag girl went up town to the hip hop bowling alley and tied it on with my friends.

I had sex with m fag hag white biach.. she left her white boy friend behind.
by artoficial nigga January 12, 2010
Nah, I’m not full of myself. I just enjoy the fact that I’m giving you some hell, like you’ve long deserved.
As for you leaving, I know you will out of the fact that your strength here is dwindling. Along with that, usually no one copies afterwards anyway…I’ve seen enough sites that have been spammed to know. Don’t worry, you will be known as the only two losers ever to spam others’ names. The title is yours.
by The Black Hag April 27, 2005
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