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some one with a very extensive amount of pubic hair. resembeling a black forest!
devon has a black forest
by Josh O August 18, 2004
Pubic Hair. When someone asks you if you want to see the black forest say yes.
Hey, do you wanna see my black forest?
by emilyyriotxo February 12, 2008
A very hairy, dark, and think patch of pubic hair.
Damn, look at that cunt's black forest! I want to eat on that so badly!
by Luke Potnick April 21, 2008
A term used to describe the public hair of a woman that his black hair or in other words a blackette.
I got a lock of hair from Kathy's black forest.
by Deep blue 2012 November 30, 2009
the forest where all or most of the trees and plants have been charred by a great conflagration so that it will wear a dark look.
After a great inferno, the forest has turned into a black forest.
by uttam maharjan September 08, 2011
When your among a large group of black people who have nappy roots or afros.
Being the only White/Native American in the place, I was frightened by the sight of the black forest.
by The Bush Fan November 18, 2004
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