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The Black Face Mammy was a very rear breed of a Pitbull type dog that was first discovered in Everett, MA in 1996. The first Black face Mammy to make the News was named FLEX. He has saved his owners life from a fire Feb 14,1998. The Black face Mammy was a fawn colored large dog with a human size head, black mask and featured a strong muscular build weighting in about 135 lbs. at his peak. This very special breed of Dog was an amazing animal that was mostly known for his human like docile personality and large goofy ears, that made his intimidating look desirable.. Unfortunately there hasn't been any Black Face Mammy sited since March 1, 2010. The Black Face Mammy was an Epic breed of Dog that will hopefully come back one day.
We had a Black Face Mammy Dog named Flex that we miss him very much. There will never be another dog like him as I wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for Flex the Black Face Mammy saving my live. He will forever be my Angel and never be forgotten.
by Flex Angel March 02, 2014
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