In addition to TheEye5000's definition I would also like to ad a few other artists who have an album by the name of "the Black Album":
Buzzy Linhart 1972
The Damned 1980
Prince 1987
Kino 1990
L.S.G. 1998
Mad Trucker Gone Mad 2000
Junction Creek 2000
Oda 2001
K-Otix 2002
Edenpark 2003
Akhenaton 2004

So in reality, Jay-Z and Metallica are copying The Damned and Buzzy Linhart
Joe: So I was listening to the Black Album yesterday...
Ira: Uhh, which one?
Joe: Dude, Metallica.
Ira: Pift, loser. The Damned's Black Album is better than Metallica. Period.
Joe: ::cries::
by Ira Peel February 22, 2005
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Metallica album released in 1991, it was officially self-titled, it was nicknamed "black album" after the completely dark black art cover. Metallica's most popular album, sold over 10 million copies.
the Black Album may have made them the biggest selling heavy metal band, but Master of Puppets is their best album in my opinion.
by Tony March 10, 2004
Released in 1991 by Metallica.
Become known as the "Black Album" due to it's cover.

In 2003, Jay-Z released his final album, also known as "The Black Album", only to confuse fans of both artists.
*Guy 1 picks up Jay Z CD*
Guy 2: Yo, play some Dont Tread On Me!
Guy 1: Wha?
*Guy 1 plays 99 problemz*
*Guy 2 leaves room*
by SuperSonicX August 22, 2004
A rip off title that "Jay-Z" stole from Metallica.
Person 1: "Man, can't 'rappers' be original like they say they are?!"
Person 2: "Yeah, man, I know!"
by Katrina December 04, 2003
The nick name for the self-released album released by the metal band Metallica in 1991.

Despite the claims of the millions of defenders of this album, it was the turning point of the band where they lost their thrash status and sold out by releasing more mainstream-friendly, simplified and softened songs. Fans claim it still has their "metal edge" but if anything this "edge" is BARELY there.

It has many of their famous songs on it and has sold the most copies of all their albums to date. Nevertheless, the quality on the album is actual piss-poor when compared to their lesser selling previous 4 albums, albums that were actually thrash.

In summary, Metallica may have still retained some "metal" status on this album but it was a sell-out effort, the reason being up to this point they were known as the Pioneers of Thrash but then got greedy and changed their sound to be more "experimental", or in actuality, to sell more records.
Sell-out Metallica fan: Wow, this Black album is the greatest release from Metallica yet! Everything after this was crap though!

Thrash Metallica fan: No, you dumbass, it's shit compared to their earlier work. The only reason it seems good to you is because this sell-out work sounds better than their later sell-out work. Get any of their first 4 albums instead. Those were actually thrash.

Sell-out Metallica fan: What's 'thrash'?
by Correct December 31, 2005
An album released by an established band or musician that ends up falling below expectations. The album is still good, but not nearly as good as the previous releases. All further albums continue the downward trend to mediocrity. Originates from Metallica's self titled album which is popularly known as "The Black Album" due to its all black cover.
"The Dungeonmaster's Guide" is Dieselboy's black album.
by Jackson Junglist November 09, 2013
1) when you are left by your friends
2) when you hang up on somebody on the phone without saying "bye"
1) Jason went out with his girl and gave us the black album.
2) self explanitory.
by J Rimz April 15, 2006
After Viktor Tsoi died tragically in a car accident near Riga, the Russian rock band Kino released an album without a title, though it is always cited as Chornyy albom (Russian for The Black Album) since it has a wholly black cover.
- My favourite album from Kino is the one without title.
- Which one is that?
- You know, the Black album.
by atmann July 22, 2006

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