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An expert at using guilt, intimidation and the threat of racial violence to shake down whitey.
What do you call a white guy who talks of white rage, and the threat of racial violence? A despicable racist. What do you call a black guy who talks about black rage, and the threat of racial violence? A black activist.
by yorkie stomper April 02, 2008
It means anyone who fights for equal opportunity for black people. Often associated with the civil rights movement and started in the 1860s. During reconstruction, these activists started work. Most black activists are peaceful people. Martin Luther King Jr was one. He was kickass. Unfortunate ly some people associate black activists with Jesse Jackson and his kind. They say that black activist means a black first, whitey blamer. It is a wrong notion. Most blacks in the US tolerate white people. Inter racial marriages and etiquette are shown towards white people. So do not say that black activist means a reverse racist. Very few of the black activists are vile folks.
Person 1: Yo, black activist are racists.
Person 2: No they're not. Most black activists want to live in equality with white people. Jesse Jackson doesn't speak for them all.
by Fabulous Max January 17, 2016
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