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n. Combination of LSD and PCP. Not too pretty combination from an external view.
Keila took a hit of black acid and rested on the couch. She started freaking out the next hour, asking for milk and ripping out the cushions that were "talking to her".
by Smkngmgc June 20, 2004
14 20

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Contrary to popular belief, black acid is not an acid/pcp combo, but a type of very, very dirty LSD crystal. The crystal is black, hence the name. The "family" name for this crystal is champagne. Really nasty stuff. The reason for this myth is that the effects of all the impurities alter the trip so much that it's almost like PCP.
You have any of that black acid man? Nastiest shit ever!
by mike August 01, 2004
46 23
A form of DMT with a much longer duration than normal. Very hard to find, very expensive, and extremely powerful. Also commonly known as "shade".
Jeff took a hit of black acid.
by Daz P April 15, 2006
11 15