What cribs substitute for "b" whenever they type online. Pretty funny if they type a long ass paragraph. Common on friendster and myspace.
wut up Cuh, i bke bkangin bklue all day and fuCcin up dem slobk ass niggaz every night

C's up
hoe's down
by LkJ January 04, 2005
Brooklyn New York
Brooklyn NYC
by Ripper June 21, 2003
Brass Knuckles
"Hey Tony, pass me the bk's imma let him have it"
by Trizzy40oz March 31, 2012
Best kind.
1: I just got a fuckin used trike $50!

2: That's fuckin bk b'y!
by UmlautBanana April 15, 2011
Someone who is as dumb and rude as burger king
Dude you are so BK!
by kbbk March 26, 2011
refers to having sex with a girl with no condom.
Both letters are deprived from the arabic term 'Balla Kaboot' which essentially means 'No Condom'
yeah ill BK her, no hesitation,


girl walks past, hmmm Bks
by JJ-rx February 20, 2011
Using Burger King's slogan, "have it your way" in response to someone's disagreement with you.
"The answer is 10x-5"
"No it's not, it's 15x+3"
"No it's not! it's 10x-5, you see look right here."
"No your wrong because I got the answer like this."
"you know what?, BK" (have it your way).
by Daerwiisniff October 11, 2010
Bong Kissing, otherwise known as ripping a bong with pot in it
"hey tom do you wanna BK or PK(Piff Kiss) a blunt this afternoon?
by SOMYMAX September 02, 2010

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