What cribs substitute for "b" whenever they type online. Pretty funny if they type a long ass paragraph. Common on friendster and myspace.
wut up Cuh, i bke bkangin bklue all day and fuCcin up dem slobk ass niggaz every night

C's up
hoe's down
by LkJ January 04, 2005
A noob or novice that has no skill in the said game. (Bad-kid)
That kid doesent even know how to play! what a BK!
by Scott P, Jake L February 20, 2009
bk stands for a buzkill or someone or something that kills the fun. BK's are usually found making awkward interjections in a conversation that makes everyone in it want to leave.
kevin-"dude last nights party was so funny"

BK Yona-" oh yeah totally man, thanks for inviting me, god i have no friends"

kevin-".... what a BK!!!!!"
by Da bitch takumi November 08, 2011
Blood killa, Slob killa, Snoop killa, Piru killa, British knights, Burger King, Crips, Blue Team, True Gangstaz, Authentic Gangstaz.
Eazy E, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Ice Cube, Kurupt, Biggie, C-Murder, Nate Dogg, Trick Daddy, Mack 10, W.C., Scarface, and all real gangstaz besides the mafia (Not a blood mafia either, cuz').
by Greez' February 09, 2004
Boner Killer. A person, image or situation that kills your boner
dude, that ugly chick was a total BK
learning that i had 4 exams that day was a wicked BK
by the manmeister June 21, 2007
A kid that is bad, in other words a bad kid. Mainly bad at everything. A bad kid can never do anything right or well, he or she sucks at everything, alot. bad kid Levi Jay
Man, that Levi kid is a bk to the max!!!
He cant even ollie on his skateboard!!!
by JC Bullivan July 27, 2006
BUZZ KILL-some one who puts a damper on your good time
commonly used with the sound and hand gesture to disguise the name calling (bzzzzzz+ a clap of your hands: as if you were killing a bug)
jim your such a bk, why do you always have to ruin the fun?
by mellyx0 May 07, 2008
BK is used all over in the gamer world, refering to the phrase "Bad Kid." It pisses people off on Xbox Live and other systems when called a BK.
Synonyms: Noob, Unexperienced, Suck.
"LAWL! You should just snap your disk, BK."
"lolzzz wow i just raped jordan 1v1...what a BK."
by SH BLAZE January 15, 2008

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