Bad Kid; mostly used on xbox live, meaning you lack skill, are a noob, or use gey or cheap ways to get the Win
Siinz: That was a Bk move, you shouldn't have rushed n0ob...

Godz skill: haha BAD KID... get raped
by Xbox Expert February 15, 2009
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"yo, this fight it already over, i got bk's."
by DTTBK January 23, 2010
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Stands for "bad kid" in video game terms. A player who is consistetly awful at everything he does. Can very well apply to real life situations.
Wow, these kids are bk's!

Player 1: How did you snipe me in the face when I was using a shotgun close range?
Player 2: 'Cause you're a bk.

Red Team Post Game: Wow, you guys suck even though you won. You guys cheat. Wanna 1v1!?!?!
Blue Team Post Game: You guys suck. You're worse than noobs. You guys are bk's. Get pwned.
by Edgecrusher v2 May 18, 2009
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BK stands for Beaver County.
aka the greatest place in the world.
aka where my children will be raised.
aka where me and H-Unit n D-Unit put it down.
The real gangstas are from the BK.
by AK slut May 02, 2005
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The literal definition is "Best Kisser." However, it can also mean "Unnecessarily good looking" or "Insanely attractive."
"oh my god, your mom is so BK"
by Harvey Sislac April 21, 2009
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crazy g-unit kid who plays soccer
bk:my butt (pointin at brain)
use yur frikken butt!!!
by xtothegunit March 12, 2004
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bk stands 4 this dam sexy gurl named Becky Koch. she is so hot that every1 that sees her mealts
just look at bk i wanna go out w/ her and have sex w/ her
by bglogh July 07, 2004
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