What cribs substitute for "b" whenever they type online. Pretty funny if they type a long ass paragraph. Common on friendster and myspace.
wut up Cuh, i bke bkangin bklue all day and fuCcin up dem slobk ass niggaz every night

C's up
hoe's down
by LkJ January 04, 2005
Worst clan on the MMORPG game RuneScape.
"Lol BK got owned by some noob clan again."
"Haha yeah BK couldn't even beat 5 year olds."
#runescape #clans #bk #blacknights #rs
by BKSUCKS February 11, 2008
1. Burger King, a fast food restaurant chain.

2. Blood killer, aka crip, in reference to the two gang's rivalry

3. Bad kid, an insulting term for an unskilled player in video games, especially Halo. Similar to noob
1. Lets go eat at the BK

2. I'm Bk all day

3. Stupid Bks were dragging our team down.
#noob #burger king #crips #bloods #halo
by Terrazine August 23, 2011
bad kunt, referring to the greatest people in life.
Holy shit, Rays a bk.
#amazing #cunt #baddest #hero #badass
by dubwhyseebee June 04, 2010
a slang acronym to refer to drinking excessively as people whose initials are B.K.; Includes sucker punching, snake laughing, pretend pout faces, impromptu after hours in room mates bedrooms, loud dance parties, and deep voices while calling people Princesses
We throw parties. We're in a sorority. And we BK the fuck out.

Man, Freddy, you B.K.'ed the eff out of last night and couldn't paint today?
#drinking #excessively drunk #blonde #sorority #party #green street
by Styna July 28, 2008
someone usually with the name of John
oh, look at that B.K john over there hes such a dick
#bk #cool kid #john #looser #nob
by definatelyacoolkid April 11, 2011
blood killer
slobe killer
Nobody can give a shyt bout a slobe
Pussie ass bytch’s all get robbed
Robbed of they life, don’t make it get took
Life for you is about to get shook
Cuz u can’t step to our level or handl;e crip hands
They so hot snap ya neck like rubber bands
Cuz u can’t sant to be up against me
Why can’t you jus see
That bloods get defeat
By tha crips in da strees
Cuz they can’t compete
When tha crips bring dat heat
Fuck them slobe ass niggas, we da best (always remember dat shit)
BK all day bitch…fuckin mutts
#bk #slobe killer #blood killer #crips on top #mutts
by crip rider February 29, 2008
a blood killa all me Crips in Flatbush know wut im talkin bkout right..............RIGHT!!
All me Crip plus me and ne1 in their right mind would say B.K fo life!!! BIATCH!!!!!
by Method Gurl January 22, 2004
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