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a slang acronym to refer to drinking excessively as people whose initials are B.K.; Includes sucker punching, snake laughing, pretend pout faces, impromptu after hours in room mates bedrooms, loud dance parties, and deep voices while calling people Princesses
We throw parties. We're in a sorority. And we BK the fuck out.

Man, Freddy, you B.K.'ed the eff out of last night and couldn't paint today?
by Styna July 28, 2008
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Bad Kid
A person who is not good at a video game.
(After owning a kid on halo 2) "Wow, you're a BK."
by Fonzii March 14, 2007
1196 525
1. Burger King

by keller October 02, 2002
1193 713
Stands for "Blood Killa". Terms Crips and other opposite gang sets of the bloods use. Also, being written as Graffiti on walls, on the internet, notebooks, cars, hats, clothes, sneakers, etc.

Also, being substituted for the letter "b" in every word by gang members.
Its BK, All Day Everyday!

Fuck dem bklue rag bkitches, i bke bkangin dat shit like a tru g.
by OG Killah Bu5taH April 25, 2005
952 631
Brooklyn New York
Brooklyn NYC
by Ripper June 21, 2003
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Boner Killer
Sometimes mistaken for Burger King. BK is an adjective used to describe a man or women who killed your boner.
Tyler: Dude that chick looks like a zombie, she is such a BK!
by Chilli Pepper Pants March 26, 2009
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B.K. -> Bad Kid
The term coined from online play of the popular video game "Halo2".
The online experience allowes younger players to speak freely, with their higher pich of voice, they were often outcasts, if you wanted to insult some one on halo, you'd call them a BK or Bad Kid.
"Get raped BK, thats right keep crying!"
"Who let all the BK's in here? Thought this was a noob free zone..."
by Meatwad1355 February 28, 2007
292 203
a blood killer and you are a crip or you say it to be cool
when you see a blood you say fuck you slob bk for life
by derek December 01, 2004
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