1. A way of saying bitch and stupid people won't know what your talking about.
2. Bitch
3. Hillary Clinton
"Man you are one fucked-up bizznitch!" "A wha'?"
by magykman94 April 01, 2008
Top Definition
Basically just the word Bitch with izz added to it. See also Shizznit
"Aint nuthin but hoes and bizznitches"
by T Stratton August 14, 2002
1) The African-American term used to describe one who is known as a Bitch.

2) Term of exclamation.
1) Tyrone: "Yo, tell that Bizznitch to back the f**k up or else i'm gonna whoop the black of his ass..."

2) Nandor: "Holy Bizznitch bro, that was frackin awesome."
by Nekrayleaus Zwinick November 15, 2008
bitch A person that does everything, buys things, think everything that another person thinks. -or- another word for bitch so you won't get in troulb e for saying it =]
(boyfriend carrying girlfriends purse)

Sally:OMG look @ him!
Suzy: Yeah, he's totally her bizz nitch.
by Ashlizzle May 11, 2006
A nicer and more censored version of calling someone a b***h.
Person 1: Ms. Lewis gave us homework for the weekend! I can't go to the mall with you Saturday.

Person 2: Whaaatt? UGH! I hate that bizz-nitch!
by DrummerGirl2010 August 22, 2009
not only a bitch as if that wasnt bad enough...... but a nosey bitch thats all up in yo bizz-ness
stop listenin' to my conversation bizz-nitch!
by chri August 02, 2005
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