a war waged between two factions. the numbers of ups and downs often determine the result.
"yo, up the first bizzlitz"
by QUIT December 09, 2007
Top Definition
testicles, balls, or nadz
Jimmy was walkin' down the street when Jackson popped him in the bizzlitz, leaving a sizable welt.
by Bizzlitz Masta November 13, 2007
john and desmond are bad at making words
bizzlitz, yopes, bibbity
by daFA December 09, 2007
refers to information that is not completely important or secretive but is of no concern to the questioner.
Ricky: Hey, what are you guys talking about?
Mark: Get out of our conversation. It is none of your bizzlitz
by Not John R November 28, 2007
tad bits of information that is no one else's business
Aye Ricky, what you was doin' last night? Man that ain't none of yo bizzlitz
by Word Stealin Fiend November 13, 2007
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