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1) Bitch - in a friendly way, or a mean way, depending on your town
2) Friend, Good Friend
3) Significant Other
1) What a fucking bizza! (mean) or, What up bizza (nice)
2) These are ma bizzas. / What up bizza?
3) She's ma bizza
by Mikel September 01, 2003
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a word for describing a wicked hot babe. Also the coolest girl in the world
Damn, that girl that works in the coffee shop is a Bizza
by cutdwnthetrees March 24, 2010
he or she who handles their buisness
Jarryd boyd, AKA - J-bizza
by mark hamil August 08, 2003
Beer + Pizza combo

pizza in one hand and beer in the other
Bizza. it will fuck ur shit up
by Kilsr October 30, 2010
Big pizza for big people
Lets order some bizza
by mossymossmoss January 14, 2009
A derelict Australian wannabe fisherman, surfer and skater. Loves punk rock and does cocaine on the down low.
"Man, that guy's such a fuckin bizza"
by Steddie1 March 26, 2012
a busy body,

someone who takes it upon themselves to get involved in other peoples personal business and affairs,

a nosey person

a person who pries or meddles into other peoples lives
he/she is such a bizza
that person is such a bizza they want to know all of my personal business
by fknuckle June 18, 2011

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