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1) Bitch - in a friendly way, or a mean way, depending on your town
2) Friend, Good Friend
3) Significant Other
1) What a fucking bizza! (mean) or, What up bizza (nice)
2) These are ma bizzas. / What up bizza?
3) She's ma bizza
by Mikel September 01, 2003
a word for describing a wicked hot babe. Also the coolest girl in the world
Damn, that girl that works in the coffee shop is a Bizza
by cutdwnthetrees March 24, 2010
he or she who handles their buisness
Jarryd boyd, AKA - J-bizza
by mark hamil August 08, 2003
Beer + Pizza combo

pizza in one hand and beer in the other
Bizza. it will fuck ur shit up
by Kilsr October 30, 2010
A derelict Australian wannabe fisherman, surfer and skater. Loves punk rock and does cocaine on the down low.
"Man, that guy's such a fuckin bizza"
by Steddie1 March 26, 2012
Big pizza for big people
Lets order some bizza
by mossymossmoss January 14, 2009
a busy body,

someone who takes it upon themselves to get involved in other peoples personal business and affairs,

a nosey person

a person who pries or meddles into other peoples lives
he/she is such a bizza
that person is such a bizza they want to know all of my personal business
by fknuckle June 18, 2011