A friendlier term for bitch, much like "biznatch", "bizatch" & "biatch".

Longhand of "biz'natch".

A female bitch.

A bitchy whore; someone who's rude, arrogant and desperate.
Julia: Heya bizsnatch! ^-^
Paula: Hey bitch, what's up?

Bill: Damn. That chick's a bizsnatch.
Bob: But you'd hit it anyway, wouldn't you.
Bill: Yes, because I'm a drunken sleaze.
by Dani3lla September 06, 2006
Top Definition
a bitchy snatch

in most cases' puts out more than a normal women but then bitches day and night till you leave it
dude that girl is a bizsnatch
by Jerome Magsamen January 18, 2006
skanky bitch in the snatch business. dIRTY hooka. jonnie humper. nasty beotch. prosty.
"omg. that biz-snatch gets paid to get laid."
by feelin good May 27, 2006
Hella ghetto slang for business
MAMA: Tyrone, where yo goin with my chicken leg?
TYRONE: Bitch you best stay out my bizsnatch!!!!
by Smokey LaCrakke March 20, 2007

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