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To leave; to depart. Synonymous with bounce, but of a greater degree.
This party is real gay...let's bizounce.
by Shawn Hunt January 23, 2003
To Leave; To Depart
Eddie, Bizounce up off the bed, Bizounce Eddie, Bizounce
by Sally July 30, 2003
a. to leave, to go, to depart
b. a word that should not be used by those who are of white descent, or anyone who does not want to sound like a complete dumbass
c. a word known to kill brain cells/lower the intelligence of those who hear it
white boy #1: Hey Sally I'm about to bizounce off to class, but first I need to bizounce to my locker...
white boy #2: No wait, before you bizounce to your locker you must bizounce by Calculus and bizounce your calculator
by henry123 September 23, 2008