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Bizong is a transferable title given to the bong that is under ownership of the Biz, which is a santa barbara local group of thugz who blaze it fat.

If a Bizong breaks or is sold a new bong will be acquired and the title of the Bizong will transfer to the new bong
The new Bizong is so sick. The Biz always has the dopest bongs.
by Criminal Dave August 23, 2009
code word for bong when your parents are near.
hey take a ride over I just bought an ounce, we can chong it outa my bizong.
by Tyler January 15, 2004
my super cool website.
what's your website dude? oh, it's of course!
by sammerai March 19, 2004
go fuck a duck
Yesterday I was walking, and I decided to bizong...
by OhGreatOne and Grasshopper February 12, 2004

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