Emerged from the afro-american slang phenomon were z's were added to add flair or a spin on the white spoken english. This "code" variation was born during slavery where slaves would use an early form of "ebonics" to comminicate with each other while working or in the company of there owners.
Yo biznotch, get that skanky azz out my chair.
by Ztown G July 25, 2004
Top Definition
Variation of "be-otch" or "bitch." A more sociably acceptable term, given it won't catch old religious people's attention when yelled in public.
The crazy biznotch kickflipped over the cow.
by Lord Lizard June 27, 2003
Biznotch originally developed as a black way to ghetto-ize and change the traditionally white word "bitch." As time went on, white people started using biznotch as well, and thus blacks stopped using biznotch and left it to be a white word. Today biznotch is the white equivilent of bitch, as the insult.
*Biznotch may not be used as the definition of bitch - a female dog.
"Shut up biznotch" - Shut up bitch
"What the fuck you wrong with you, you son of a bitznotch."
by So Skilled May 01, 2004
1) slang for "bitch". usually used around adults or parents so they dont kno ur cursing
2) can be used in a friendly or demeaning way
3) directed to females only
1+2) (u r near an adult) "OMG, lilly is such a biznocth! do u kno wut she said to me today?"
2+3) {ur a girl talking to ur best friend(hoo is also a gurl)} "I LOVE U BIZNOTCH <333"
by boriqua_mami October 28, 2006
Also known as the shortened version "biz".
A biznotch is a fellow girlie. One must be a squint to be considered a biznotch. It is someone who is absolutely fucking amazing and can fuck shit up mad hard.
"Yo,biznotch,pass me that pudding."
"Alright ya biz, one millisecond."
by effingbizx0x0 March 15, 2010
i invented this word, dont you ass holes go defining it. but im too lazy too so look at the others
me- yo biznotch grab the remote
biznotch- what?
by Urban Dictionary March 17, 2005
Founded By: April Fiorentino, Shannon Burke, and Ellen Cody.

Definition: Substitute for using the word biAtch or bitch.
1. This Biz Notch is all up in my grill.
2. That Biz Notch is just so annoying.
3. Man I dont like that Biz Notch.
4. Am I being a Biz Notch?!
5. many meanings you figure it out you lazyass i am not going to give them to you!
variation wankster slang for bitch.
that biznotch's titties are the shizznet yo!
by Mellie May 02, 2003
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