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used as an ebonic slang word for bitch, so no one will know what your talking about, was used in the hip hop culture, in 1997 for the first time
I cant beleive this biznitch is whearing that dress up in here!
by christopher laguerta June 27, 2003
biz.nitch 3 noun.

1.a bad thing or condition
2.slang for woman,
3.any person/thing not of a good nature,

Ex: "Why are you such a biznitch?"
"That biznitch is fine."
"Your biznitch precedes you"

Ex: "I failed that biznitch test."
"You biznitch ass mofo."
by matthewsabi April 28, 2004
Biznitch is a bitch thats all up in ya bizness.
Damn biznitch, stay outta my shit.
by Qaz December 12, 2003
the word "bitch" in a nonsensical language made popular by Los Angelos gangbangers
whassup biznitch?
by big johnny July 09, 2002
Used in "Don't Be A Menace". Ash Tray asks Loc Dog, "what ever happened to your pops?" (hard to believe this is a Disney movie) Loc replies:
"Oh, that old mark-ass nigger ran out on us like a little biz-nitch"
by Honkey Dave August 24, 2003
A person who is thought of as a bitch but more strongly. This word defines bitch but with more power.
a person that talks a lot of trash but wont do anything or a person that is scared to do a certain thing would be declared a biznitch
by Kane-o- April 11, 2009
another way of calling someone or something a Bitch.
He/She is a Biznitch
by States January 21, 2009