a better word for bitch, but in a friendly way
Life's a bizatch. Quit being such a bizatch!
by Monique November 19, 2002
Top Definition
A curroption of "bitch," meant to be a new idiom of the English language meaning the same thing as "bitch" in the derogatory sense, but a little more friendly.
Man: Damn bizatch, get the fuck out my way!
Woman: Hey nigga!...at least you didn't call me a bitch, or I would have had to slap you just for livin'.
by C-Mac Spank Dizzle January 21, 2004
Someone who deletes RAM
"hay guys I think I deleted my RAM help please"
by -667- May 11, 2005
A slang term for the word 'bitch', prominently said by ethnic minorities on mediums such as rap videos, YouTube comments, etc etc..
Yo dat ho' be ma bizatch!
by Anon90495 July 19, 2010
a catholic schoolgirlway to say bitch
sister mary, i so did not hit that girl. but she had it coming to her that bizatch
by emma December 07, 2004
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