To state you are "out". Derived from the word "bizout", now said short as just "biz".

"Yo I'm on the biz, later kid"
by Anonymous March 03, 2003
A term used to acknowledge women. More appropriate way of saying 'bitch'.
Whats good my biz?
by The B.C. Show October 13, 2008
Biz = to have a poo. bab
Ma I need a biz.
" God I was so scared I nearly bizzed myself".
Of northern origin
by Daz Lee June 27, 2006
A really hard boner that results from getting hugs from grandmas. Sometimes can be fatal.
This old lady came up to me in the mall and I totally got a Biz! It was so intense!
by Kelseyleeg February 25, 2009
baby, knockoff of boo
Hey mah biz whussup? Wow you're lookin so sexayy
by dedicatedtolili December 12, 2004
Shortend cooler way of calling someone a bitch
She is such a biz
by Toomey March 04, 2004
a girl growing up in a totally hippie but very loving family, need better self essteem, we love her.
"hey that girls really nice, ill bet she lives in ithaca ny"
"yup shes a biz"
by wasteddevilducky July 22, 2004

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