biz is a universal word that can take on whatever meaning a speaker wants. It is used when a person cannot come up with the appropriate word to fit the situation. Some demonstrated meanings are listed below:

3) noun. a large glass of milk
4) adj. slightly yellow/canary in color
5) verb. sitting next to a homeless person on a bus
"Mark gave her the biz"
by Peter Ninkimpoop February 01, 2008
In the drinking game of beer die, biz is when the dye is thrown and stops rolling with five showing on the top. You are not allowed to say the actual word five to describe how the die landed tho, so you must say biz. then you make the other team take a sip of their beer
die thrower- "Hey man what did it land on?"
opposing team member says reluctantly- sigh, "Biz"
die thrower- "hah drink up bitch"
by flkjhfkjh October 24, 2007
a nasty, grouchy, rude or mean person; a bitch; short for "biznitch"
"My boss won't give me the day off tomorrow..."
"What an ungrateful biz!"

(after being snapped at)
"Whoa! Someone's a little bizzy this morning!"

"My cat scratched me really bad this morning."
"Freakin' biz!"
by Scram704 September 24, 2009
A way of greeting someone you like
Yoooo biz, you alright?
by Kimjayy February 28, 2008
Biz- short for business. Used to define the difference between any business and a black owned trusted business.
Biz's- All black trusted businesses world wide.
I, need, to, find, a, biz, listing.
by K.D.Mac September 16, 2008
A person that is quite mean, or a bitch.
Jordan - "You're mean today, Katie!"

Katie - "I'm obviously a biz then."
by jordansure July 10, 2008
To state you are "out". Derived from the word "bizout", now said short as just "biz".

"Yo I'm on the biz, later kid"
by Anonymous March 03, 2003

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