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Biya or bia(Spelled: 'Bi' as in 'Bee' and 'a' as in f'a'r) is a slang for a woman's vulva in Odia (language in Odisha)

English equvalent: pussy or cunt
To bou biya ..... (your mother's pussy)

Tama biya chatibi.? (can I lick your pussy ?)
by bingbing21 June 28, 2011
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The oposite of hiya. A farewell.
Katie: I'll see you later.

Tim: Biya.
by Timblimbim May 26, 2005
balls in your ass
Damn you! Balls in your ass! Oops, there's kids here, I meant biya!
by bulldogggggggggg August 13, 2008

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