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A bittie band is a headband, often worn by 11-14 year old wannabe scenesters, also known as bitties.

The bittie band is often paired with a lot of eyeliner, colourful braces, and terribly teased hair.

The bittie band itself is worn in front on the bangs, and around the head, and comes in several different colours. While headbands like this are often worn by non-bitties, when attached to a bitties forehead they are known as bittie bands.
Bittie: omfggg!!!!1111oneone!!! Those headbands that Lights wears are sooooozzz br004al!!!!! I need one for teh BMTH show!!!!111

Non-bittie: ha. Bittie band.
by blehblehbleh22222 April 22, 2009

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