also used to replace..............
Kiss My Ass!!!
by Ronnie Sixx September 07, 2003
A phrase used by ugly bitches in English when they are angry. The phrase comes from the fact that in history when ugly bitches couldn't get laid they told men "Bite me in my cooter" hoping it would then lead to intercourse.
It has now been shortened in modern usage to "Bite Me" used when an ugly bitch is angry and has no other appropriate come-back.
Hot Guy: Sup bitch?
Ugly Bitch: Bite Me!
Hot Guy: Offer or insult!
Ugly Bitch: Offer... (In begging tone) PLEASE!!!
by Warp_Speed! October 19, 2010
An awesome inslut aimed at those of the "lower" forms of goth culture.

IE Emo's
As in "Bite Me Emo Boy"
by Drakin StormHeart September 05, 2006
a person asking another person of the (well hopefully) opposite sex to basically bite them on the neck or some other place on the body. this is especially popular in the vampiric communuity.
if it is used to the same sex then it means to go fuck off, get the hell away from me, bad idea, try me.
tina bite me now you stupid lard! *tina bites tom* *tom passes out from blood loss*
(this may happen in rare cases)
tom: bite me you stupid hacker (tom has told the hacker it might be a bad idea for him to try and hack him)
by elan of the vs clan June 08, 2007

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