A woman who speaks her mind and is mostly hated by jealous people who can't handle her big personality. She is someone who doesn't care what people says because she knows they don't effect her life.
God I hate her, She is so Bitchy
by Plus Size Superstar February 14, 2009
A woman on her period... that time of the month always makes them bitchy
she was in a very bitchy mood... most people suspected what it was from... she was eating tons of chocolate to prove their point
by Jennie07 January 04, 2007
a person who is being a brat and is going off on people like you solook out for those bastereds
Jamie my girlfriend was being bichy that her old boyfriend was more considerate.
by Alex July 22, 2003
An all purpose word which in a positive sense means cool or entertaining or even funny.
That was so bitchy when you told off that sales clerk!
by Robert MacKenzie August 29, 2005
adj. supremely cool/better than everything else
she wears prada shoes to the gym..how bitchy is that?
by jake b June 09, 2002

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