Exemplifying utter bitchiness.
I can't stand to be around my girl this time of the month; she's too friggin' bitchtastic.
by Rocko November 24, 2003
Top Definition
this word is a combo of bitch and fantastic
therefeore becoming bitchtastic
it means "to be bitchy or pissy"; "to be a bitch"

Courtney must be feeling bitchtastic today. She already told me to fuck off and called Cassie a slut.
by Tipsy 503 January 28, 2008
1. when someone is loved and hated by all. When they're cruel and merciless but listened to, and envied.

2. The perfect amount of bitchiness
She was popular, perfect, and totally bitchtastic. . .so everyone wanted to be her.
by CareVonChay July 24, 2009
A portmanteau for someone or something which is bitchingly fantastic
Man, this prize I got in my breakfast cereal is totally bitch-tastic!
by 4SidedDie December 07, 2010
when someone starts bitching at you for something you really dont care about. you replay to them by saying, "ohh thats bitchtastic" and then you walk away.
pissed of girl: why did you mac with my boyfriend last night???? you never care about my feelings. just tell me why the hell you would do that..

you: umm yeah thats bitchtastic ... peacccee
by melli belli February 29, 2008
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