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like saying "thats gay" exept cooler or "your acting like a bitch"
listen you sayin i shoulent steal this money is BITCHSTATUS!
by Anuberak May 17, 2007
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the condition which someone is in which they are acting like a "bitch", whining excessively, or making ridiculous claims of showmanship. It can only be applied by those in the general vicinity of the person considered at the moment to be the bitch. The term "bitch status" can also be used to replace the name of the person in question.
Gaines: I can't believe that P90X; it's killing me.
Back: Gaines, stop being a bitch.
Gaines: I am not being a bitch!
Back: Gaines, you're on bitch status.

Back: Hey, bitch status!
Gaines: WHAT?!
by redsphanatic November 22, 2010
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