When someone is in a bitchy mood.
iiM t3h BiitCh 3rr WuN h8z On! n.. ii LaV iit says:
qoute qoute " Enrique u say so much shit u dont even DO shiit bitch"

you were in a bitchmood when you said that or something..
by Dope812 April 03, 2007
Top Definition
When someone, typically a woman, is in a mood where everything either bug her, irritate her, get on her nerves, or all of the above. They will then, eventually over time, lash out to those who listen and the wraith of their bitchiness will turn to you. You are then, inadvertently, the target of their bitchiness.
I didn't do anything, I'm just listening and agreeing with you. Why are you attacking me? You must be in a bitchmood.
by Ididntdoit May 29, 2007
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