Someone who is not a bitch themselves but hangs out with bitches so they get classified as one
girl one: why does everyone hate heather? shes nice when shes alone?
girl two: because shes a bitch monger theres nothing that can be done.
by georgiageorge June 16, 2009
Top Definition
One who devotes their life to either hoarding or selling bitches,usually for their beinift. Bitchmonging is commonly performed for the monger's sexual pleasure (although i don't know why); however, it is known that some crazed individuals do it just because...well...they are crazed.
A bitchmonger can also be a derrogatory term for someone who is being exceedingly bitchy.
"Wow, do you know that hermit that lives in the cave on 53rd street? He is a huge bitchmonger. He's been buying and selling bitches his entire life."

"She is such a bitchmonger! AGH!"
by JewC May 28, 2008
A person who sells bitches to guys.
She is a bitch monger.
by Daniel April 20, 2003
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