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Part of speech: Noun.

The ultimate insult. A person labeled as a "Bitchmilk" is one who is whiny, snobbish, complaining, pessimistic, cowardly, bitchy, really bitchy, and cunt-ish.
John was such a bitchmilk last night for not taking that last shot!
by Dylan Foster April 04, 2008
In most basic terms, the opposite of a badass. It describes one who, while drinking with friends, does not have the testicular fortitude to finish one's drink.
He couldn't finish his fifth Jagerbomb. What a bitchmilk.
by Tom X June 25, 2008
An exclamation of an extremely positive event.
Goldie: Guess what? I just won the mega millions lottery!

JJ: Damn girl, that's bitch milk!
by Mz Honey White July 19, 2011