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the maid of a bitch, a very pussy-like man, a wussy
damn, that nerd is a bitchmaid
by matt meyer May 23, 2006
Noun. Used in name calling/Taunting.
Additive to the common insult 'bitch'. This variation is mostly used in a half hearted teasing way among friends (not unlike calling a pal and 'asshole ' or a 'cocksucker' but not having hostility or intent to provoke a fight or hard feelings come from it) I have not heard it used when addressing a woman. It does not hold the same force of offense as just the root 'bitch' does.
Two Guys playing Tekken 5:
(Guy 1 just won the match)
Guy 1: OH! You felt that, didn't you!
Guy 2: Bullshit! You just use the same cheap moves forever. Cheap cocksucker!
Guy 1: Awwww! You gonna cry next? You're just my little bitch maid.
Guy 2: Piss off!
Guy 1: My bitch maid is so sad now! Go soak you face with tears, you always lose!
Guy 2: What?! The rematch is starting now... What!?!
Guy 1: And... I'll just put my sweet bitch maid across my knee and spank that ass again!
by unslick rick April 04, 2005
A male who carries himself less than a man.
Jay-Z is Bitchmaid. His heart is pumpin' shit 'cause the truth an't in him!
by Big_Manish June 08, 2005
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