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A very lengthy, very loud and very annoying tirade of negative comments and whiny, annoying ad nauseum complaints, often done either yelling or screaming in a high-pitched voice while in a state of extreme anger or self-righteousness.

Combination of bitching (used as a descriptor for complaining or whining) and blitzkrieg (the traditional "lightning assault" commonly used by the Hitler's military).
I shouldn't hang out here anymore, man. My mom throws a bitchkrieg every time she finds out I'm here.
by J.C.B. February 27, 2005
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When a person or persons is involved in a surprise attack carried out by many women. The bitches attacking would have to be wielding more than one kind of weapon.
When you and your homies are coming out of the car or someones spot and someone in your crew pissed off a female. Her and her enraged, weapon-carrying girls rush up on yall and proceed to fuck yall up with more than one kind of weapon: Ex. stun gun, knife, brass knuckles, fingernails, guns, etc. That's an official bitchkrieg.
by caseyt October 30, 2012

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