Origins in CA in the 1980s. Used to describe an well-formed, sizable, long breaking wave to be utilized during surfing.

Currently replaced by "Sic."
1982: "That wave is totally bitchin man!"
2005: "That wave is f*ckin sic!"
by buddy 2mile August 08, 2005
Acting in order to make fun of somebody by pissing them off.(immature ones will do)

Something uncomprehended little girls do
Stop bitchin' all the time asshole!
by M. Moore June 01, 2005
that is well bitchin'!
by Anonymous January 09, 2003
a hassle, annoying, stupid and pointless.
It was pretty bitchin' when my mom made me clean my room and I was ready to go party.
#annoying #worthless #stupid #gay #aggrivating
by michelle n May 15, 2007
Talking shit; complaining; whinning
Quit yo' bitchin hoe!
by xplicit-kid February 10, 2003
When a thing and or idea is so off the chain or extremly gay. It can be expressed by the usage of the word "Bitchin'"
Person A: This kid is a fag.
Person B: Yeah he is "Bitchin'"

Person A: I got tickets to the Heat Game (Bestest Team
Person B: That is "Bitchin'"
#wet #b-bop #b-bopper #gay #jay
by Eric Reed January 27, 2006
Somewhat "scene" or "emo" but started in south wales, UK...For Youngsters who have decided not to be all LABELLED with anything they don't choose to be.. Bitchin' people are xxCore baby. And They don't care what you think...They are not mean but bitchy in secret..loved by most..hated by LOADS! Very close to their friends..Write in full at all times and enjoy using dots. WorrRd.

Typical Bitchin' People:

- Tons of black eyeliner
- Girly pumps
- Sex Hair
- Footless tights
- Converse all stars with added coolness, odd laces and colours.
- Guys Jeans
- Studded Belts


- Fall out Boy
- Thrice
- Senses Fail
- Hawthorne Heights
- The Used
- Brand New
- Funeral For a Friend
- Bullet For My Valentine
- Taking Back Sunday
- Alexisonfire (even if songs cannot be named for drunken reasons)
- Lost Prophets
- Etc...


- Bitchin'
- The SHEX.
- Sex.
- Mother Fucker
- Biaaatchin'
- Cunt, Cunt bag, Cunt Face.
- Whore
- HardxxCore
- To the MaxXXx
- I Heart You
- I luffs Choo
- Yesh.
- WorrRd
- Much Love <3
- Deal.
- anythign with "-eh" ont he end.
- etc..
They are generally just ultra cool people who enjoy kiddies clothing...and accessories...having funa nd getting wrecked.

by liveh, Natteh and Salleh August 19, 2005
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