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Please refer to the song Deceptacon by Le Tigre. When attempting to limit your description of this song to one adjective, the appropriate adjective will be the word "Bitchin."
Shit dawg, that song Deceptacon by Le Tigre was bitchin'.
by dconroy February 05, 2009
Another word for cool or something un-cool.

Also, as you say this, you must make an under sweeping, curving motion with your hand and face whichever way your hand points. Plus 5 points if you make a stupid face to go along with it.
Son: "Hey, mom, what's for breakfast?"
Mom: "Corn flakes, dear."
Son: "Any sugar?"
Mom: "No, sorry."
Son: "Mom, that's BITCHIN'!"
by IJWM January 12, 2011
Alex Noonan and Jake Osborne.
Damn, dey bitchin'!
by oldschoolpimp666 April 09, 2010
It's by The Donnas, Sly. Chokia is pretty bitchin.
Hey bitch, it's me, Bentley. Guess who it is? It's Bitchin by The Donnas. Hey bitch, I'm bitchiner than Dr. Phil.
by Bentley, bitch! September 19, 2008
A word used for cool by old people from the 60's.
You guys are sounding bitchin'!- Mr. Marino
by lolz49 January 07, 2011
Bitchin came from the word, "Bitching." Of course like most words ending in -ing, the 'g' is usually dropped in slang. Bitchin has two different meaning, depending on how you use the word in a sentence.

1. Bitchin- (adj.) A word used to describe something cool, or awesome.
2. Bitchin- (v.) To complain.
1. Dang, your pimped out low rider is bitchin holmes!
2. Just get in the car and stop bitchin!
by sffbeatpmles December 23, 2009
BITCHIN' when someone is having a bitch about you or your friends.
'i doney punched you bestfriend, and she was shit..'
"ohh no, you BITCHIN'? dont mess with us!"
by donkeypunchme? December 14, 2009