"bitchin" is an idiomatic expression originally from the left coast of the United States of America, circa mid to late 1970s, coinciding with the rise of Disco(the Bee Gees), and the "BITCH" fashion trend (where young "woman's libbers" commonly wore necklaces and shirts emblazoned with "BITCH"), used originally by "surfer types", deriving from "man that wave is a bitch" to "what a ride, that wave was bitchin'". It quickly spread to main stream American vernacular as an affermation.
That wave was bitchin!
That car is bitchin!
That girl is bitchin!
by Paul Driver April 28, 2006
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1. good, fuckin great, awsome
2. whinging, complaining
1. This is bitchin
2. Kenny, stop your bitchin!!
by funkyfresh June 09, 2004
Not just great, but bad-ass fine.
Dude, look at that bitchin '32 roadster with the black pinstriping. Also written bitchen or bitchin' - and ALWAYS pronounced BIT-chin.
by The Zootramp September 18, 2003
to be very fucking cool
that Benz is bitchin
by llamaman May 19, 2004
1) similar to "awesome" or "bad ass"
2) when someone complains, mainly female
1) "man, ya ride is bitchin'!"
2) "ima slap this nigga if he don't stop bitchin'."
by ignitgarde October 24, 2004
A very good time, in comparrison to the word "bitching", which means one who complains the fuck out of you.
"That roller coaster was bitchin."
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e June 23, 2005
Fucking awesome
That phish cd is totally bitchin!!
by Phishin August 30, 2003
(adj., exp., n.) 1. Spectacularly good. 2. Awesome, great. 3. Used to denote awesomeness, greatness or spectacular goodness. 4. Used to describe the act of complaining.
"This cheesecake is bitchin'."
"Stop your bitchin', you damn New Yorker!"
by Razukin December 03, 2002

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