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A person who has or is having sexual intercourse with a bitch. A bitch being a female dog, or incredibly grumpy woman.
Mum: Would you like to go to the beach today?
Bitchfucker: Will there be bitches there?
Mum: But of course.
Bitchfucker: Let's get moving.
by Spencer December 19, 2004
one who fucks bitches
yo, that girl in the next room is a real bitch fucker
by raul ramon ramirez October 17, 2005
A person who fucks a bitch.
"My friend is a bitchfucker, I've never seen his girl friend say anything nice."
by saghar May 01, 2009
The combination of curse words, bitch and motherfucker, but for the sake of efficiency the words are morphed into one word, bitchfucker. Also, this adds a little more sting to the insult.
Tom: You're a mean person and you're glib.
Sean: Take some fuckin' Ritalin, you bitchfucker!
by EasyAwesome October 14, 2006
Someone who fucks bitches.. or a bitch who fucks someone..
Hey, I can't believe you fucked Jordan, can you say, BitchFucker?!
by Eislam, and Iranican September 12, 2007
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