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Someone who is very obnoxious with low social standing who defaults to acting subservient to others. AKA someone's bitch

"Mash Greene you're my little bitch boy...and he was"
by JustH July 23, 2006
45 36
a boy that is "soft", or in other words, a little baby. like a little baby boy. AKA carlo.
"oh there's bitch boy!"
"bitch boy? you mean carlo?!"
by ohheythereheheheee March 30, 2009
22 19
A guy who looks and acts like a tough guy but is really a big pussy
Jeffery mannaa is such a little bitch boy how he did that text messaged breakup with Gigi Pussy coward baby puss wuss wussy
by Watermalondria January 30, 2014
2 0
A PrettyBitch Boy is a degragatory term guy who is too pretty and haters suspect or create suspitions as being gay.My best friend and I always debate the fact that she likes thugs and I like pretty-boys.
"Janet's boyfriend looks even better than she does;he's such a Bitch-Boy". In this case the speaker is probably jealous of Janet and wants her man,so she slams the boyfriend and creates suspection that the guy might be gay.
by Shimmycoco June 10, 2008
1 1
A weak, effeminate male; a sissy. Especially one who whines a lot.
Guy #1 won't stop whining.
Guy #2: Stop being such a bitch boy.
by bstokes June 12, 2006
25 27
One that goes by the name of Marco Prado.
Hey, Bitch Boy. Quick being so bad at Madden.
by yeo scrantonn November 24, 2009
4 9
Slang to put-down & describe a lame and or annoying person, often younger than you, that hangs out with fags and or nobody. It is pronounced kinda retardedly, with a stressed y. Also used often when under the influence of marijuana. Especially funny when high to call each other "Bitch Boyy" for no reason! It can be used in conjunction with their name, or alone.
Bailey: Bitch boyyyyyy Dereck!

Dereck: What bitch boy?


Dereck: What up bitch boy,

Retarded Looking Annoying Kid: Your mom is a bitch boy! Ooohh !

Dereck: Wow, you are such a bitch boyyy.
by What ya bitch? October 12, 2010
11 17