A Bitch and a Douche Bag!
Jane- John u know wat

John- What ?

Jane- You are Such a Bitchbag!
by Draven Sean March 23, 2011
Someone who is acting like a little girl, being scared of doing something. Similar to douche bag, but a bitch instead.
Why don't you want to go to the party tonight, quit being a bitch bag and let's go.
by The Peker October 12, 2010
(n) a small backpack or duffel carried by men with enough room to sustain the necessary belongings for a weekend of partying or unforeseen away-from-home-ness
"Here, hold my bitchbag while I drive this ball onto the green."
by Jeffo360 June 20, 2006
A dress purchased by a boyfriend or pimp. THe dress is chosen not because he thinks the girl will like it. It is selected because the pimp or boyfriend likes how it might make his girl look.
Did you see Frank at the mall yesterday? He had like two new Bitch Bags for Sandy.
by Paul August 23, 2004
A bag which contains the body parts of a murdered woman.
Jimmy is in the bath room cutting Karen up, I think he is going to stuff her into a bitch bag then dump her into the river.
by textfile232 December 29, 2005
A purse or a woman's handbag
Keetra went to the mall with some of her pimp's scrilla and bought three new bitch bags, that bitch!
by sexie chocolate December 01, 2004
A person or animal that is grumpy and unsociable, this is normally fathers and their annoying daughters.
"Why are you such a bitch-bag lexi?"
by Unlucky person January 19, 2016
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