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the attitude of bitchy people
Man, my girlfriend is on the rag and doesnt want me to play videogames ... she has a real bad case of bitchatude.
by John D Log April 30, 2008
A word not so commenly used for someone is coming off as bitchy
Angela, im sensing a tid-tad-bit of bitch-a-tude

**this is for ryan and peter!**
by Allie February 21, 2004
Form of attitude often observed as condescending, snide, or rude; to speak with a defensive tone even when speaking of a thing or action to which the person is irrelavent to; negative ora
That woman at the check out line as a real bitchatude.
by molina4me May 12, 2011
How bitchy sombody is acting
Damn man yo girl's bitchatude is through the roof
by Darkseph March 11, 2009

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