a disease a punk scary and bitchness in dem its common noun

that was some bitchassness shit right there
do u got bitchassness in you
thats that bitchassness
by chelsie519 March 26, 2008
you are doing something relating to being a bitch
a shady move or not buy danity kane or day 26 album-diddy
Thats bitchassness she got my man!
by *mixedkarissa* March 22, 2008
The combination of the words bitch and ass. Bitchassness is a word that means some one is acting like a bitch and a jackass. When some one does some thing juss to piss another person off just to do it this is called bitchassness.
You see your friends BFtlking or looking at another girl knowing that he doesnt want her at all... so you call your friend so that she can show up and see this and think the wrong thing.... That is an act of bitchassness
by Dame Dame March 01, 2008
a sickness one suffers from; sudden or unexpected act of bitchin about the smallest things and for no apparent reason
Jose:what is it doctor
Doc:its a common sickness called bitchassness and your friend THOMAS has all the symptoms
by Oscar P. February 25, 2008
You did or are doing somethin stupid,childish or un called for......
"Yo y did u give dat bum ass nigga miimy phone number 4....dats bitch assness of u ?"
by ladii fresh February 26, 2008

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