a disease where the person acts bitch made
lamar- fam whats wrong wit me T?

doctor- im sorry kid you are infected with bitchassness theres nothing we can do bicthass nigga
by blamo April 22, 2008
When someone Is acting like a real bitch
Complaining not owning up to wudd u do!!
Diddy: I sense some bitchassness in the house..
robert: Naw I wanna lead In the song. ahh mann I hate everyone
by ASiA Brown April 13, 2008
(n.) 1. the act of being a hater.
2. a disease, often referred to in the epidemic sense.
Great news! Bitchassness has decreased by 15%!
by skjdgbk,s March 21, 2008
when niggas act like the girls in relationship
when girls just want to be booty calls and the guys wants a relationship the guy is being real bitch ass-ness
by anna spencer August 11, 2008
P. Diddy's definition of a lame uncool person who doesn't vote.
Don't show any bitchassness this year. Go out and VOTE!!!
by JillianVickiAllen May 09, 2008
people that hate on you for no good reason....thats a sign of bitchassness
do you see that girl over there. I dont like her. why u hatin on her...i dont know...thats bitchassness..
by ica_boo April 03, 2008
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