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1. A term used most frequently when an aquaintance lets you down.
2. Also used when something very bad happens.
3. Rapper Lingo
1. We was goin to the store for some brew and that bitchass mothafucka didn't even show.
2. Ah shit!! It's the police! Quick, put that bitchass mothafucka's head in the bag and get it the fuck outta here!!
3. A word used extensively in rap from throughout the 90's to today.

by N Jackman October 26, 2006

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A stupid, stupid word, used to describe an annoying kid, that narks on other people.

Bitch-ass Motha Fucka's can be found in playgrounds and classrooms, throughout the world.
Man, this little Bitch-ass Motha Fucka narked on me at school today!
by will December 15, 2003