Essentially telling a bitch to fuck off.
Guy: Hey baby!
Girl: Get lost!
Guy: Bitch off whore!
by gunnar September 10, 2003
Top Definition
1.When two bitches use their instinct and jealosy skills to bitch at eachother like fucking loosers. All because of gossip.

2.great form of entertainment
There was a bitch-off between jane and regina because jane spread the word of regina getting fingered by her boyfriend tom. It was an awesome show.
by nathan aka natedoggggggggggg July 07, 2005
mind one's own business or "f@#$ off"
Don't like my shoes? Well, bitch off!
by Roger Rothe July 27, 2006
a word meaning the same as fuck off but better

bitchoff you whore and go get anally raped by 13 muslims
by 7R3\/0R May 22, 2007
The same thing as fuck off, but for a girl
My girlfriend was about to turn off my video-game so i told her to Bitchoff
by SayWhatMutha**** December 15, 2010
A face off of either man or women (usually woman) that is the prequel to a fight/cat fight. Both opposing parties have a reputation of being a "bitch" and also bitch about anything and everything.
Jeff: Bro, Mariah and her sister are about to have a bitch-off!

Aaron: Oh damn, where the hell is my camera?!

Jeff: You should bring it, there might be hair/clothes ripping!
by xSPECKLEDORFX April 21, 2010
An insulting phrase used with the intention of displeasing the recipient, or as a way of expressing disbelief. Usually used as an alternate phrase to the commonly used 'f*ck off'.
When used, this phrase creates maximum impact, and is only used by the elite.
I pinched Chris so he flicked my face and i was not happy. So i said "Oh please, just bitch off."
by Charlotteyaaaaa January 27, 2009
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