1. to slap another person lightly, with affection.
2. a method of assualt, used by females.
Jenny got bitch-slapped hard by Sally, because Eric had been bitch-slapping Jennys arse all day long.
by Bonza Bob July 29, 2004
The way that black men show love to black and/or white and/or latino and/or Japanese bitches. They pimp slap them, and then burn them with the crack pipe for being sluts.
Why you be such a ho, ho? I bees havin to bitch slap de fuck outcha. Aww. Commeeer boo. Gives me some lovin. I be fuckin you in de azz to-nite, sho-nuff.
by Gay Romantic August 16, 2007
overpowering backhanded slaps to the face and body, delivered by a supposedly docile female to a supposedly dominant male.
Sarah Connor bitchslapped her way out of the heavily male-guarded sanitarium.
by czf May 08, 2003
This is when a guy does or says something very wrong and a girl slaps him. This was referred by a guy as a bitch slap cause the girl was a "bitch" for slapping him. Now the term has kinda just became an expression for a slap given by a girl. Even, when a guy slaps someone in this way it is considered a bitch slap. Also, girls now use this term.
John: After I slapped her ass, she turned around a bitch slapped me.

Stacy: You deserved it!
by Markd September 29, 2015
A state where something openly harmed another (usually from a open slap), resulting in a period of mixed or upset feelings. May also end in a parting of the two or an awkward argument.
The iceberg bitch slapped the titanic. She felt so bad she decided she couldn't live on.
by EdElric5534 December 14, 2014

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